This year is starting to look like the year of the eyeshadow for me. Once again, I have some more eyeshadows to discuss with you. I saw these Bleach London eyeshadows a while ago, and I was so interested in trying them out! I knew about Bleach London, but only because of their hair products – I didn’t even know they did makeup. But, they do, so here I am to talk about it. Like I mentioned, I saw about these a while ago, and back in December, I finally got my hands on some of their single pan eyeshadows.

I picked up four shades; a soft brown, a bright yellow, a bright teal, and a semi-deep purple. When I ordered these, Superdrug had an offer on Bleach London eyeshadows where it meant I also received a build-your-own palette with my order too. As I say almost every time I talk about shadows, I am a matte girl. So I did buy only matte shades, but I do want to try out their pressed glitters too. The glitters look incredible, so I need to do that soon…

The Bleach London eyeshadows are marked up at such an amazing price – I couldn’t quite believe it. They’re some of the most affordable shadows I’ve ever seen at £3 an eyeshadow pan. The £3 price point applies to their mattes and shimmer formulas. Bleach London’s glitters are priced at £5 per pan which is still so affordable for a glitter. They’re such good value for money when comparing them to other brands single eyeshadow pans.

Bleach London eyeshadows have such a great formula too. It’s better than you’d expect for £3 a pan, so they’re really upping the game for other brands. The pigmentation is something that I wasn’t totally blown away by, but they’re very build-able so you eventually get that after a couple of layers. Something that lets the pigmentation down is that they’re quite powdery. The amount of pigment that gets lost due to how powdery these are isn’t too intense, but it’s a fair amount. It would certainly make a difference. However, despite the powdery texture, they are very blendable and extremely vibrant. If you’re looking for vibrant pops in your eyeshadow collection, these are amazing for that.

It’s been seen recently that shade ranges aren’t always the most extensive on a brands first release. However, that is not the case with Bleach London. The shade range on offer for these shadow pans, and even the glitter pans, is crazy. There is so many that I found it so difficult choosing which shades to test out. There’s the multiple formulas, which multiple shades in each. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it in this shade collection. The names of the shades can get quite confusing as they’re named based on formula. For example, the yellow shade is actually called “Ph Ma”. The second part of the name is the kind of formula it is, but I’m still trying to figure out the first part. If you have any ideas, let me know because it’s bugging me SO BAD!

I really want to try more of these matte Bleach London eyeshadows for sure. The glitters are also a must for the near future too – they look really great and I’m getting into glitters so much at the moment. Something that makes these shadows even better is that they’re a fantastic vegan dupe for the NYX Cosmetics shadows. I’m so excited to expand and build my Bleach London collection over time.

Overall, these shadows are a really good low-budget option. I’m not going to sit here and say they’re the best shadows I’ve ever used. However, for the price point, they’re very good quality. I’d recommend these to anyone that is wanting to expand their collection on a budget. The main critique of these shadows is simply how powdery they are, it’s the only real let down with them.

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Only £3! Such a bargain! The pigment does look good and it’s good to know they are cruelty free as well xx

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