When I say about being pregnant at Christmas, more often than not the reaction is usually like “Oh, that’s a shame. You won’t be able to drink!”. While that is true, it really doesn’t bother me. I’ll leave the holiday hangovers to the rest of you, and I’ll be hangover free being able to do what I want. I haven’t missed drinking during my whole pregnancy, why would I start now?
– You can eat whatever you want without judgement. This means you can eat a whole pack of shortbread fingers and have the largest Christmas dinner of them all, and not have to care about it. Have fun sitting there feeling guilty with each bite you take, non-pregnant people!
– No one will ask you to clean up! The worst part of Christmas dinner is the cleaning & washing up afterwards, if you just stand looking confused about what to do there’s no doubt someone will say “go lay down, relax”. Oh, if you insist.
– As mentioned previously, no hangovers! What better than having an absolutely amazing night laughing at all the drunk, embarrassing people, then watching them suffer the next morning when going to the holiday sales? There’s nothing I enjoy more in the world than watching people feel sorry for themselves after self inflicting the bubbling belly and horrific headache.
– Christmas = Christmas sales = baby clothes super cheap. You can buy all the clothes you’ve been wanting to for a fraction of the price, meaning you can buy even more! This does mean trying to get around all the hustle and bustle to get to the nice stuff first, but hopefully people are nice enough to let you cut through.
– You get pampered like a queen. Christmas is tiring even without the bump; from the food to the long day to the torturous small talk with family members you don’t really want to speak to. This means lots of back massages and foot rubs from being on the go constantly.
– You’ll be told you look lovely no matter what. No one has the nerve to tell a hormonal, pregnant person they look a bit rough, they’ll smile and tell you that you look glowing, lovely and all the other compliments.
There are many reasons why being pregnant at Christmas is exciting, these are just a few to get you thinking about all the other things. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and be careful and kind as always. Merry pregnant Christmas!

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