Somehow, every time I go into town to get a few little things I always end up racking up a £70 bill in Boots and about £50 in Lush. So I thought I’d share a few beauty products that you have to try – and they’re all under £10!

1. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – £4.19
This concealer stays on literally all day, and doesn’t need topping up at all- it’s a holy grail in my book. Just dab a little onto your hand (you don’t need to use a lot either), and with your concealer brush you just apply under the eyes and you instantly look more awake. It’s also a great way to sharpen the shape of your eyebrows once drawn on – if you do that. It has great coverage, it’s almost like magic!

2. Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil – £2.99
This eyebrow pencil is a god send. Any other eyebrow pencil I’ve used has smudged at the slightest touch, but this eyebrow pencil from Rimmel doesn’t smudge – unless you really try. It even survives rain so you don’t have your eyebrows running down your face, which isn’t very flattering (obvs). And for a penny short of £3, it’s an absolute bargain.

3. Max Factor Wild Mega Volume Mascara – £6.99
This mascara is one of the first I ever used when I first started getting into beauty – and I’ve been through so many tubes I’ve lost count. I’m someone that likes to try a lot of different brands, whether that’s foundation, powder or mascara. I’ve tried many a masacara, but I’ve always found this one to make my lashes look exactly as I’d like them to. They don’t give you false lash effect, but they definitely give you the uplift you want a mascara to.

4. Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation – £9.99
I used this foundation to blend with my tan when I came back from holiday because I’d heard about it. It says that it lasts for 16 hours (I don’t know anyone that keeps their foundation on that long) and although I didn’t test this, it sat nicely on my skin all day. It didn’t go patchy – my skin was a bit dry from the exposure to sun – and it blended really well with my skin tone. They have a wide range of shades in this foundation, so you are more than likely to find one to match you!

5. Make Up Revolution Eye Dust – £1
These are easy to use to add some colour to your eyes and some sparkle to your life. It’s priced at £1 a pot so you might as well buy a pot… or 12.

6. Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter – £7.99
This lipsticks are the perfect combo of both moisturising and pigmented – the perfect, and rare, duo when it comes to lipsticks. This means you’ll be able to top up when you want to without the worry of your lips drying out. There are many shades to choose so there’s something for everyone!

7. Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara – £4.99
Eyebrows can have a mind of their own sometimes, especially if you fidget in your sleep like me. This brow mascara will keep your eyebrows in place morning to night and it’s as easy as you could possibly want it to be with its ball wand making it perfect for sculpting the hairs in to place.

8. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm – £2.99
These are amazing for those days you want a bit of colour on your lips, but not too much colour. You get me? They’re also super moisturising so they’re great for festivals and travel bags on holiday!

9. Vaseline – £2.15
We all have this somewhere in our house and it’s a holy grail for pretty much everyone. Vaseline should be in everyones bag, drawers, cupboards and make up bag – it’s an essential.

10. Witch Blemish Stick – £2.70
Getting a blemish a couple of days before a family wedding or a girls night out is a stressful situation we’ve all been in. It’s a nightmare! With this little beauty you no longer need to worry, just apply before you go to bed and the next morning your little red blemish has vanished. Best thing I have tried to date!

11. Granny Takes A Dip Lush Bath Bomb – £3.35
This bath bomb is my favourite. It smells amazing, it looks amazing, it make your bath so relaxing – what more could you ask for? My skin feels so good every time I use this bath bomb, and I love that majority of their ingredients are natural and they don’t test on animals!

12. The Comforter Lush Bubble Bar – £4.75
This is one of my favourite bubble bars from Lush. It is so relaxing, and perfect for a Sunday night bath before facing work on Monday morning. It smells like Ribena. You only need half of the bar for one bath so the price is actually very fair.

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