I’ve had The Balm’s Balm Jovi palette for so long now. Somehow, though, I still hadn’t gotten around to doing a proper review on it! Gosh, I’m so bad at this blogging thing. But, it’s finally here, just two years late. It actually popped up on my Timehop a couple of weeks ago. It’s literally been two years since I bought this palette!

The shade range of this palette is beautiful. I love the ‘rock chick’ vibes of the dark shades alongside the lights. My stand out shades would be ‘Lead Zeppelin’ and ‘Alice Copper’. They’re so stunning; they could easily be worn just on their own smoked out, or paired with other shades from the palette. Another shade in particular that speaks to me on a spiritual level is ‘The Stroke’. It’s a gorgeous, deep navy shimmer. The pigmentation of all shades is so good, the colour pay off is really impressive. A small amount goes a long way with these shadows.

Balm Jovi has 4 matte shadows and 8 shimmer shadows. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m such a matte girl it’s crazy. It’s very unusual for me to adore a palette with three quarters of the shade shimmer. However, this is a massive exception. If there’s a kind of shimmer that I enjoy, it’s a dark one. Ones that can be used on their own to make my eyelids look like an inverted disco ball.

ablogbycharlie Balm Jovi Shades

The formula of these eyeshadows is really nice. They’re super soft and creamy which means they’re really comfortable when on the eyes. The only sort of downfall with them is that the shimmers can be quite powdery. I know that most are, especially darker shades which can cause fallout city to occur. Lets be honest though, it’s not just Balm Jovi where this happens – it’s quite a frequent occurrence. Saying this, these shadows alone are worth the £38 price point.

Something else I’d like to point out is that this palette is not just an eyeshadow palette. Insert gaspy ‘whaaaat’ here. The Balm have thought of everything you could need with this. It also includes a highlighter, blusher and two lip and cheek colours. This would be the perfect palette for someone on the go a lot because it covers most of the face! Balm Jovi has got your back my friend. The palette also gives you four complete looks you can do using different combinations. You’ll never be stuck for a last minute makeup look again.

Lastly, of course, I want to talk about the packaging. As you can see, it’s so fitting to the entire theme of the palette. It uses the typical tattoo style graphics and fonts which is related to rock. This packaging gives me life, it’s so pleasing to look at. A little touch that I really liked was the ratings being included towards the bottom of the palette. That really gave it that rock magazine or album poster vibe, which tied everything all together. The whole thing pleases me on a beauty lover and graphic designer level.

As I’d previously mentioned, I definitely feel like this palette is worth the £38 price point. The fact that you’re getting 12 eyeshadows, a highlight, a blush and two lip colours blows my mind. All of the products are such good quality too, and the highlight reminds me of their Mary-Lou highlight. To round up fully, I love this palette. I think it looks gorgeous on paler skin, but will definitely suit darker skin too. If you’re looking for a palette that’s quite different, I definitely recommend you try this. That’s if you haven’t already anyway, like I said, I’m 2 years too late getting this up!

I want to know your thoughts on this palette. Have you tried it? If not, do you want to? Let me know what you’re thinking in the comments below.

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