It’s September, meaning the best time of year for makeup is rolling in. Autumn is the time to get out the dark lips and golden toned eye shadows. I’ve been trying out different looks lately to get ready for Autumn and there’s been some that I’ve loved and some that I’ve loathed, but overall I’m pretty excited to wear the majority of what I’ve come up with. I’ve been using quite a lot of browns and orange tones suit my eye colour so I’ve been working with them a lot, and that’s exactly what today’s eye look is going to be. This look has the darker colour on the lid, going into an orange crease and blended up slightly.

I wore this look to Victorious Festival, I’ve been wearing it as a day to night look, and even on the few dreary days that have snuck in recently. It’s so simple to do as it only involves four shadows, and all the colours are so easy to find dupes for too as they’re quite common – especially at this time of year.

I apply my face makeup as usual then go on to doing my eyes last as the shadows I use don’t tend to have much fallout. All eyeshadows I use are from MAC, but like I said if these are a little too pricey for your budget then there are cheaper alternatives on the high street. I begin by taking a bit of Poppyseed throughout my crease and over my lid as my transition shade to make blending easier when applying the darker shades. I blend this slightly above my crease making sure it is seamless with no harsh lines. Instead of doing my lid colour next, I go straight in with my crease colour on a fluffy blending brush. I use Antiqued and bring this right from my outer crease into the very inner corner of my crease edging towards my nose. This is an orange toned brown with a very subtle bronze shimmer. Across my lid, I place Embark which is a deep brown shade and pat it right up to my crease. Going back to my fluffy blender brush I take a tiny bit of Antiqued again to connect both shades so there are no harsh lines. I then bring it along my lower lash line to give a subtle bit of colour to the lash line before applying my mascara. To highlight my inner corner I use a fluffy pencil brush and pat some Honey Lust right in the corner.

I love this look so much. I think it’s such a nice simple look for Autumn and it’s so easy too. Now I’ve been doing it quite often I can do it quite quickly too so it’s not majorly time-consuming if you’re a little rushed for time of a morning too. The brown and orange together makes the colour of my eyes pop and I’m really enjoying using a darker colour on my lid instead of in my crease at the moment too. This look is so versatile, as I mentioned I wear it a lot for all sorts of reasons.

Keep a look out for more upcoming looks as I have lots planned for the coming weeks, and as always if there’s anything specific (colour, celebrity look, brand) then please let me know as I love hearing what you want to see!

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This is a beautiful look. I really want to play with some orange eyeshadows for autumn. Danielle ||

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