I bought this product after hearing Victoria (inthefrow) do a video on different looks she liked to create with this palette. I’d never heard anyone else talk about it, but I’d heard many talks about the highlighters that the Balm have to offer (also amazing!). The reviews looked really promising so decided to checkout and treat myself to a new palette seeing as I’m going through an eyeshadow phase at the moment.

This eyeshadow palette is so up my street, I love the theme and the shades are beautiful. They’re quite nude, but a couple of colour tones with shimmer are also in there. The packaging is beautiful and I love the tattoo sort of type face used throughout (being a graphic designer makes you notice these things a lot).

I’ve been using this palette non-stop since I bought this palette a couple of months ago and it’s still a staple in my day-to-day routine – I’m still struggling to find a palette I love as much as this. I thought I’d talk about a few of the looks I like to create to inspire others to try – and love – this palette.


Look 1:

This look is more of a natural, nude look. I simply take a bit of Adagio and pat it all over, focusing more on the inner half of my lid and under my brow to highlight my brow bone. I then take Third Eye Blinded and pat this on the outer half of my lid and blend the shades out so it’s almost unrecognisable where the colour ends. To contour the crease of my lid I use a small amount of Allegro and blend a little above the crease to brighten my eyes a little as I have quite hooded eyes. To finish the look off I use Presto in the outer corner of my crease and blend that through my crease a little too to give my crease some depth. I also run this along my bottom lash line to tie the look together.

Look 2:

Look 2 is a sort of carry on from Look 1 to take it look from day to night. I pat Adagio all over my lid again focussing on the inner corner again to lighten my eyes and use Iron Maid-in on top of this to add some shimmer to the look. I run Allegro through my crease again if needed, then instead of going through again with Presto I’ll use Lead Zeppelin. This gives more shimmer to the look while creating a really strong, bold smokey eye. I also run a little bit of Lead Zeppelin along the lower lash line. I will also use a pencil liner to go along the top and bottom waterline and finish off with No 7 Lash Impact mascara.

Look 3:

Look 3 is using more of the out there colours in the palette which you may be a little hesitant to use. It’s a silvery/purple look which would look nice at a wedding or if you’re feeling more adventurous with your look. I start off patting a light base of the shade rem over the whole lid, then put some Metal-ica on top to add some shimmer to the lilac tone. I like to pack on the Metal-ica depending on how much shimmer I want and if I want the silver to over run the lilac. In my crease, I will use either Moderato or Alice Copper depending on how much shimmer I want on my eye. If you’re going for more of a nude lip then Alice Copper would be your best option, but if you want a pop of colour on your lips I’d recommend Moderato. Then to darken the crease a little, I’ll run The Stroke through the outer corner of my crease to really emphasise the depth of the socket. To top the look off I’ll run a small amount of Alice Copper along my bottom lash line.
There’re my favourite looks for the Autumn to match with a berry or nude lipstick. I’ll be doing a post soon about some of my favourite Autumn shades so keep your eyes peeled to work out your favourite combos! If you try out these looks feel free to tag me (ablogbycharlie) on Instagram or tweet me a photo (ablogbycharlie).

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