I’m always looking for some really fun or cool things to try out, so when I found some affordable brushes on Amazon I decided I needed to try them. There is endless amounts of brushes on Amazon, but finding some with glowing reviews and a similar price to Morphe Brushes, how could I pass up an opportunity? Admittedly, they’re not ‘Amazon brushes’, they’re by a company called Lamora. I’d never tried brushes I’d ordered on Amazon before so I was super skeptical, but this is what I think of them.

Like I’ve just mentioned, I was really skeptical about the quality of these Lamora brushes. However, the packaging alone made me less apprehensive on first impressions. I’ve never ordered brushes and they arrive in a tube, but I was very excited about that when it happened. The tub was made of thick cardboard with copper embossing around it to tie in with the brush set. There’s that old saying of don’t judge a book by it’s cover – or makeup brushes by packaging in this case – but the presentation and quality of the packaging gave me good vibes.

The quality of the brushes feel really nice too. The metal rim to connect the bristles to the wand feels sturdy and doesn’t move or wiggle at all when I pick the brushes. I’ve had brushes where the rim was loose, the bristles were falling out and felt like they’re made of straw. However, these brushes marked up to my more expensive brushes, like my Zoeva ones. The bristles of the Lamora brushes are really soft, and have kept the same quality after each wash. None of the brushes have had a problem with losing bristles either which I’m really impressed with too.

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t expect them to be good at all. I don’t know why I felt like this, but clearly I’m more judgemental about my brushes than I thought. Saying this, I was very pleasantly surprised why I used them for the first time. These Lamora brushes proved to work better for me than some of my other brushes that I have paid two, maybe three, times the amount for. They’ve proved to me that just because brushes are cheap, doesn’t mean they’re necessarily going to reflect that. They blend my shadows really nicely and are super easy to use. I use at least one of the brushes from the set almost every day, I’m actually hooked on them.

My only downfall with these is that the consistency isn’t always spot on. I find that a couple of the brushes are more dense than I’d like when blending shadows out. However, this hasn’t effected me all too much. It simply means that I need to work a little more to get my shadows the way I want them.

So, it turns out that not all brushes you find on Amazon aren’t great. These Lamora brushes have completely changed my opinion of ordering makeup brushes from Amazon. I understand they’re not all going to be as much of a success as these, but at least I know they may not be a fail. These brushes are so worth the money, I’m definitely going to be stocking up on them in the future too. I’ve recently decided I don’t have enough brushes so I need a makeup brush spree.

Who knows what else I’ll find on Amazon next! I can’t wait to keep looking and trying out things to see what I can find. I’ll be sure to post about some cool things when I do!

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Ooh what a steal! I need some more makeup brushes so I might have to join you with them!

Ali x


Firstly how pretty are they?! I am such a sucker for anything pretty! Also I would not have guessed they were from amazon, they look amazing and I love that you said they feel soft as I think that’s really important. I have to admit I don’t tend to use brushes too often *oops* but I am tempted to give these a go! xx


Such a bargain! They look really good, would love to know how these hold after washing! xx

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