If you asked me a year ago whether I would step out of the house with yellow dots on my eyelids, I’d have said “hell no!”. Oh how the times have changed, because I did exactly that a couple of weeks ago. It was my friend’s 21st and I wanted to take my eye look to the next level. I really loved the entire look, with or without the yellow dots. I created this with the NYX Cosmetics Ultimate Brights Palette, and the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette.

I’ve been loving polls on Twitter at the moment, and getting you guys to decide what you’d like to see. When I asked if you’d like me to talk through face and eyes, or just eyes, on these posts, you guys majority voted for just eyes. As always, I’m going to come through for you and just talk about how to get this eye look.

  1. Firstly, take a concealer to give your eyelids a clean base and set with some translucent powder.
  2. Taking the bright pink shade from the NYX Ultimate Brights palette (2nd in the top row) and begin to blend this in the inner third of the eye lid
  3. Take the same shade in the outer corner and through the crease
  4. You can blend this as big and as messily as you want
  5. To brighten up the look even more, take some of the bright orange shade of the NYX palette (3rd in the top row) on a fluffy blending brush and blend this through the crease too
  6. Blend this up and into the pink so that you can get a slight hint of it showing with the pink
  7. On the middle part of the eyelid, pack on a mixture of ‘Faint’ and ’Sissy’ from the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill palette
  8. Build this up to be as bright as you’d like and keep blending the pink with the shimmer to make it seamless
  9. This will give your eyelid a 3D effect and give it some real definition
  10. I didn’t do a wing with this look, but it would still look gorgeous with one
  11. Apply some mascara to coat your lashes. I used the Maybelline Lash Sensational
  12. Stick on your favourite pair of lashes. Mine are Huda Beauty lashes in the style Lana
  13. On your lower lash line, take the shade ‘Jada’ from the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill palette and blend out as bold as you’d like
  14. On the inner third of the lower lash line, I took the yellow from the NYX Ultimate Brights palette and blended this into the turquoise
  15. Take the shade Amethyst from the Kat Von D Alchemist palette and apply this to the brow bone
  16. Add mascara to lower lashes to make them really dramatic
  17. The dots are something I added last minute using the NYX Vivid Brights liner in Halo. I placed 5 dots almost symmetrical on each eye
  18. These can be placed randomly wherever you’d like, they don’t need to be absolutely perfect
  19. That’s the eyes done! The face can be your usual makeup, and finish off with your favourite setting spray to keep everything in place

I am debating filming a time lapse on this look because it was so fun to create! Is that something you’d like to see? I want to start doing more to go alongside these posts in the future so… Let me know your thoughts on this look in the comments below, I love your feedback! I promise to start doing something other than halo eyes soon!!

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Your eyes look amazing! I think the yellow dots really add to the pink, definitely do a time lapse as well xxx


Thank you babe! I’m really glad I done the dots in the end. I’ll have to time lapse it soon 🙂 xxx


I always love your eye make up! So much more adventurous than me!

I look forward to seeing more!

Love Saffron x


Thank you babe! It’s taken me a long time to get this adventurous haha. Lots of love xx

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