ablogbycharlie is a UK-based blog that was started in October 2014.

I am a mother, lover, friend and blogger from the South of England. I’m 20 years of age; mother to daughter Lana, and girlfriend of Connor. In 2015 I completed my graphic designs qualifications and continued in the field until giving birth to my daughter.

Some of my favourite things in life are live music, the smell of baking and waking up on Christmas Day. I started ablogbycharlie to share things I enjoy with the world, whether it was the latest beauty product I used, or a day trip out. This blog was something where I was able to write what I wanted which made me fall in love with the blogging world and the crazy, amazing community that comes with it.

I like to keep myself grounded and genuine. I wouldn’t want anyone to think that the persona I put forward online is different to the one offline. It’s important to me that my audience knows I’m genuine. That’s why I’ll only ever write about things I have researched and my opinions are honest. I try to steer clear of things I dislike because, as we all know, its a lot nicer to write – and read – about things we enjoy.

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