Lately I’ve been wanting to try something different with my makeup. One colour I’ve never really dabbled with is pink. So when I got the Modern Renaissance palette I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I’ve also been playing around with cut crease looks a lot lately and I’m pretty happy with how I’m getting on with them. Today, I’ve decided to combine the two! Here is my Modern Renaissance pink cut crease look.

For my face makeup I simply done my usual going out makeup. If you want a post on that then please let me know & I shall deliver. I’ve recently bought a few things from Sephora so I did mix it up a little as well this time to incorporate some of the new products. One of the new products I bought was the Alchemist Palette by Kat Von D, so my highlight in this post is from that. I mixed the Opal and Amethyst shades to get a gorgeous pink/purple glow on my cheeks. I’m also wearing Posie K on my lips.


The main attraction is the eyes in this look, and here’s how I did it:

1. Put concealer on a 142 Zoeva Concealer brush to cancel out any veins or colour on my lids.

2. Set concealer with powder with a Real Techniques Setting Brush.

3. Take a mixture of Golden Ocre & Burnt Orange through the crease with an A08 Spectrum brush.

4. To start building up the pink tones, take Buon Fresco through the crease on a different A08 brush.

5. Take Love Letter in the crease using a 223 Petit Blender Zoeva Brush, blending upwards slightly to create a smokey look. Build up the colour to make it easier to blend.

6. Smudge and blend the edges to make them seamless with a clean 227v Soft Definer Zoeva Brush.

7. Use Venetian Red on a Real Techniques Detailer brush to deepen the crease where the cut will be.

8. Once you’re happy with the crease, take an A16 Spectrum brush with concealer on to cut out your lid. Remember to take your time!

9. Don’t set the concealer. Instead, pat some Primavera all over the lid using an A07 Spectrum brush and wing out slightly.

10. Smoke your bottom lash line with some Love Letter on an A12 Spectrum brush.

11. Finish with some Huda Lashes in Lana #10.


This look is absolutely stunning for nights out and date nights. I’m now loving pink on me so I definitely want to play around with them a lot more! I tried a differently structure to this look post today, how do you like it? Shall I do this going forward, or how I usually do them? I can’t wait to do more looks with the Modern Renaissance palette and see what I come up with! Stay tuned.

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