Woo! First mini Q&A ever! I’ve wanted to do one for a while so I thought ‘eh, why not?’. I know this is probably super boring for some of you, but I enjoy them as it gives an insight into someone’s mind. So I took to Twitter and asked you to get involved by sending me some questions…

@charlielfriend: How long have you been blogging and what made you start?

A: I’ve been blogging just over two years, but really been loving it more so in the last year or so. I started because I was bored of writing essays and wanted an escape from studying.

@voyage_la: What is your favourite Lush product?

A: My favourite all-time Lush product is the Comforter Bubble Bar. I was so happy when it was made into a shower gel! However, my most recent favourite from Lush is their face mask called Mask of Magnaminty. I talk about this a lot so I won’t bore you with why I love it so much, it’s simply amazing!

@falidude: What made you start blogging?

A: I briefly touched on this earlier, but I started blogging as a way to cure my essay boredom. I was studying for my Graphic Design qualifications at the time. The amount of essays was ridiculous so I found it great to escape from all the studying. I also loved talking to people about products I’d bought etc. My boyfriend was getting pretty bored of my chewing his ear off so I thought I’d bore the internet instead.

@sofiawithoutk: What is your favourite holiday?

A: Well, I nearly started rambling on about the time I went to the Dominican Republic. Then I read the question correctly… My favourite holiday, quite stereotypically, is Christmas! I love being surrounded by family and everyone’s happy. At Christmas, I also go crazy on the baking; sausage rolls, mince pies, cakes, cookies! There is nothing not to love about Christmas.

There you have it, a little mini Q&A! I hope you enjoyed & I’ll see you again soon.

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