Victorious Festival is a two day festival held in Southsea, Portsmouth. For the past two years Victorious Festival has taken the south coast by storm and very well lives up to its name of “victorious”. This years line up consisted of Primal Scream, Tinie Tempah, Basement Jaxx and Johnny Marr and pulled the biggest crowd to date.

I wasn’t planning on going this year due to just sheer laziness of not bothering to get a ticket so I missed out on Saturday’s performances from Tinie Tempah, Primal Scream & The Flaming Lips. I did manage to make the Sunday as I was really wanting to get out of the house after a few days sofa bound due to illness. So myself & Connor (the boyfriend for those wondering) decided to grab some tickets and get moving!

We bought our tickets and head out early afternoon to meet our friends at Palmerston Road for a couple of drinks before heading over to catch 90s tribute act Rhythm Of The 90s who played a range of disco classics such as Insomnia, Baby Baby, and as the name may give away Rhythm Of The Night. As much as I loved watching these guys and dancing along like I was back at a school disco, it really blew me away how good they were – it was kinda hard to believe it was live it was that good! I’d definitely recommend them for a good night out if you’re in need of one.

We went from the Seaside Stage over to the Castle Stage to watch Bipolar Sunshine, who I hadn’t heard much of before, but I’ve heard really good things about them live. I was surprised there wasn’t a bigger crowd as I see a lot of people raving about these guys, but they were embracing the performance like the field was full of people – and so they deserve to!

After Bipolar Sunshine we went to the bar to grab a drink then strolled over to the biggest stage of the festival, the Common Stage. The Darkness were playing a 45 minute set on the stage, and they blew me away as always. They played hits such as I Believe In A Thing Called Love and Get Your Hands Off My Woman – I was anticipating hearing that Christmas classic we all love, but sadly it didn’t happen. They had amazing stage presence and you could really see that they were enjoying performing. Justin Hawkins’ vocals are crazy-good, so much so you’ll find it hard to believe you’re not listening to them on Spotify. I would definitely say if you’re in the mood for a good rock show and they’re on tour, make sure you snap up some tickets!

Once The Darkness had finished we walked back over to Castle Stage to grab some food at the pizza bar and watch Johnny Marr. Johnny Marr has always been someone I have really wanted to see, but whenever he has been in town I’ve always missed it! I was highly anticipating watching him perform, and he was the highlight of my day I’d say. He played the Smiths classic There Is A Light That Never Goes Out and some of his solo hits, such as Easy Money. The crowd was the biggest I’d been a part of all day and everyone was very much loving the performance.

Basement Jaxx was headlining Castle Stage and everyone was excited for a dance to finish the night off. I didn’t want to be bashed about too much by people getting too hectic, so I decided to go to the sides of the crowd and watch from afar. In all honesty, I felt like they could’ve put a better show on, but I’m in no way saying they weren’t good because they put on a pretty good show. I felt they could’ve played a couple more of their bigger hits, they did play Do Your Thing and Where’s Your Head At? though so I was satisfied.

Overall, it was a brilliant day with brilliant company and brilliant music. If you’re able to catch the festival next year, I’d definitely recommend it and with early bird tickets as low as ¬£20 a day you’d be silly not to really!

See you next year, Victorious!

(Sorry for poor image quality, not many photos were taken and this is my favourite!)

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