Let me give you a brief background as to why Saturday 5th September 2015 was the best night of my life. I have been a huge huge fan of Foo Fighters for many years, dedicated blogs to them on Tumblr during my school holidays and stalked pretty much every gig they played in hopes of one day being able to go see them with the best knowledge of the songs I’d get to hear and soak in their glory. I had a chance to see them on their Wasting Light tour in 2011 at Milton Keynes Bowl, but without going into much detail, someone I no longer like to associate with bought the ticket I was going to – I don’t really need to explain why they’re no longer in my life, do I?

So anyway, after waiting many years (im)patiently I finally got to see the band that lifted me up during the really hard times, made me sing at the top of my lungs and dance like a lunatic around my room during my teenage years. They continue to do so with every chord of every song of every album and I am eternally grateful.

Travelling from Portsmouth was quite the experience to get to Milton Keynes Bowl. I woke up at 8:00am to the God-awful sound of my usual work alarm. Once realising what was happening I soon hopped out of bed and got ready to head off out the door. We had a coach booked for 10:50am from Southampton so got the 9:30am train over so we could get breakfast and still have plenty of time to catch the coach on time.

The coach journey there took about 2 and a half to 3 hours, I slept for most of it though as I was so overly tired due to an unsettled night. Once there it was around 1:30pm and gates weren’t til 4:00pm, I was starving so the hunt for food was on. It was about a half an hour walk to get to the nearest Tesco (according to Google Maps anyway, we soon found out differently) so we took a walk around Furtzon Lake to grab a meal deal and some snacks so we didn’t get hungry while waiting.

Gates opened and the race to get a spot with a view was on. I wanted to sit on the hill to be out of the crowd, I wanted to enjoy every moment, not worry about people bashing into me or getting cups of p*ss thrown over me. We found an amazing spot really central to the stage and could see everything that was going on.

Royal Blood kicked the show off at 5:30pm and absolutely smashed it with their 45-minute set. I still find it so hard to believe that it’s just the two of them, their sound is so powerful – it’s incredible. It’s the second time I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these guys live and each time I do I fall in love with them just a little bit more. They played their hits such as Come On Over, Ten Tonne Skeleton & Little Monster. They have so much energy in their music and the crowd were loving them. The anticipation was high for them as they were scheduled to play the original Wembley dates and were announced for the Milton Keynes dates 8 days before the shows! Their set was amazing, their sound was amazing, the whole thing was amazing. You can check out their full setlist here.

Iggy Pop was the second supporting act for the Milton Keynes dates. Now, I’ve not heard too many Iggy songs in my time so it was very hard for me to get super excited about him, but I’d heard amazing things about how good he is live and his stage presence. He played songs such as No Fun, The Passenger (which I knew!) and Mass Production (also knew that one). I was shocked at how drawn I was to him. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, he was absolutely nuts! Not going to lie, I was fearful that we were one of them old guys trying to keep their career alive as much as possible, but his career is so rightfully so still alive. His performance has made me want to listen to him a lot more because I really enjoyed the songs I didn’t know and his general attitude – you could tell he absolutely loved being on the stage! Iggy’s full setlist can be found here.

Now the wait between Iggy Pop and Foo Fighters felt like the longest 35 minutes of my life. The sun had set, I felt sick and had peed three times in excitement. Any sort of cheer that I could hear from the front of the crowd got my hands and legs shaking with utter joy and noises of guitars or flashing lights made me squeal in anticipation. Finally, the 35 minutes passed and the riff to Everlong started the set and the crowd started singing and jumping around. Everlong is the main song that stood out to me during all the tough times and I always promised myself I’d record the full song performance so I tried to stop my hands from shaking and recorded the whole song. I put my phone away for pretty much the whole set because for the first time in my life it felt like I was hypnotised. The music, the fans, the lights, everything, was all I’d ever wanted out of a Foo Fighters show.

I feel incredibly lucky to have gone on the Saturday night as there were many treats that made the show go beyond everything I’d ever expected or dreamed of hearing and experiencing. I’d predicted before the show that they would do the usual cover of Under Pressure and possibly bring out a member of Queen due to the date also being Freddie Mercury’s 69th birthday. I never expected it, I simply mentioned to Connor that it is possible and would be cool if it did happen. By the time the cover came around the thought had completely left my mind, but to my complete surprise the band had somehow managed to get John Paul Jones (Lead Zeppelin) and Roger Taylor (Queen) to come and help perform the cover. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and I felt unbelievably lucky to have witnessed that happen. That is some Saturday night!

They continued to play hits such as All My Life, Times Like These and older loves like This Is A Call. Dave asked the crowd what songs they’d like to hear that they don’t usually play which is when a group of fans in the front row request DOA. They haven’t played this song is years and is one of them songs that when I listen to it I just want to scream “F*CK YOU” to the world and be so carefree. I was so happy I got to hear this song live! The band also dedicated a song to a woman that has been to many, many shows and is always in the front row. “Whenever I see your face at the front of the crowd of a Foo Fighters show, I know everything’s going to be alright”. They dedicated Aurora to her. I was so overwhelmed when I heard the first chord be played. I’ve always said to Connor that it would be a dream come true to hear that song live as it is my all time favourite song by them. I stood in awe and it felt like a dream.

The whole time they were on stage I have never been so happy, and I will struggle to ever be that happy again. It was so surreal to see my favourite band play such a range of songs from older albums to their newer album. There was a lot of jokes with the crowd, and although Dave was still in his throne the performance still spread energy like the plague.

I have also not had “post-gig depression” for the first time in my life because the happiness that they gave me still hasn’t left my body and mind. It was the best night of my life, and the best date night I could’ve ever asked for.

Foo Fighters full setlist can be viewed here.

I also created a Spotify playlist of the Saturday setlist for those that want to relive the night, you can listen to this here.

Thanks for reading, see you again soon!

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