1.   Create A Monthly Plan. By creating a document that indicates what posts you want to post each day you’ll always know what needs to be written for when. This also helps with writers block as you’re able to switch it around without missing a post.
2.   Plan Out Your Posts. Writing notes of what you want to cover in a blog post will make it easier when it comes to writing. Again, this helps with writers block and you’ll find your blog posts flow easier.
3.   Post Frequently. I post every day to keep readers coming back each day. You don’t need to post every day, but posting frequently gets people coming back on a regular basis, keeping your page views consistent.
4.   Share Posts On Social Media. This alerts those that don’t check your blog all the time that you have posted something. My posts automatically get shared on Twitter, but I also share it on Facebook, Twitter (again), Instagram and Bloglovin throughout the day to keep people aware throughout the day.
5.   Write Engaging Titles. Writing titles that are eye-catching and engaging helps with your SEO and also grabs attention from potential readers, making them click to read what your post is about.
6.   Do Research. Look at what posts others are doing so you don’t fade into the background. This will also ensure your posts are informative and a high quality standard which keeps readers interested. There is nothing worse than spotting errors in blog posts because someone hasn’t researched what they’re talking about.
7.   Be Devoted. If you take writing your blog seriously, people will trust the information you give seriously. This will make them more inclined to keep coming back.
8.   Write About Things You Care About. You’ll create better content as you’ll be writing about things you know about and are passionate about. This will then reflect in your posts and your content will be of a much higher quality.
9.   Engage Your Audience. Asking your audience questions, or referencing them, in posts will get them interactive with your blog and other social medias which will help engage others as they’ll wonder what is being talked about.
There’s the blogging habits I have found useful to help grow and develop my blog lately. I hope they help you out as much as they have me, and if you have any habits you find useful leave them below!

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