In case you don’t follow me on any social media, I went to an 80s weekend not too long ago. Despite not being alive in that decade, it’s one of my favourites. The fashion, the music, and certainly the makeup, are some of my favourites throughout the years. Creating this look was so much fun, and surprisingly easy! It didn’t matter if it wasn’t absolutely amazing by today’s standards as the look I was going for was edgy/messy 80s.

To make the colours pop I needed a base that the pigment would stick to and bounce off from. I tried concealer, but it didn’t work that much. However, after using the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Base, the eyeshadows popped so much more.

I decided to use the MUA Silent Disco palette as I’ve been wanting to try their eyeshadows for a while. To start the look I took shade #1 all over my lid. To create a (kind of) halo look, I went through my crease with #9, then #4 to deepen it. I then took #4 on the inner and outer corners and blended it with #1 so that completed the halo effect. To complete the full 80s style I took the yellow shade (#2) to pop some colour on my nose/brow bone, and also on the outer part of my crease.

I wanted to keep this makeup look true to the 80s style so I didn’t want to highlight. I kept the look quite matte with a strong contour. Not going to lie, I did go in heavily with blush, but it doesn’t show in the picture properly! That sucks, but I also used it within my contour too. Finishing off the look, I used a bright pink lip to contrast with the purple on the eyes.

This look was so much fun to create! It’s so easy to switch the colour around too. On the night I did two of my friends’ makeup too using different combinations. No joke, I wish I could wear this makeup every day! If you are looking for a worth-the-money bright eyeshadow palette, the MUA Silent Disco palette is the one for you! Let me know what you think of this look, and how you’d adapt the 80s style to your preference.

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You’ve definitely channelled the 80’s perfectly! I think your eyes looks amazing. Great post!



Love this look how fun! I want the lipgloss the colour so pretty and I love the choker you are wearing. Pixie xx


Nice look! Would actually wear this to a party now 🙂


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