In the spirit of reminiscing about how this time last year I was sat on a yacht in the Caribbean with a cocktail in one hand and cigar in the other, I thought why not share my top beauty products I absolutely can’t travel without. I take more than this in my travel bag, these are just my must-haves when going over seas.

1. I never take foundation on holiday with me because I just really don’t see the point. I’m only going to be able to get away with wearing it for one day, but after that it doesn’t look right because of tanning – same also goes for concealer. Instead, I opt for a BB Cream if I feel like I want a bit of extra coverage. I use the Rimmel London one which you don’t need a lot and is easy to blend out due to its watery consistency. I think that my skin looks great when tanned anyway, so I love opting for something with a less coverage than foundation, but enough to cover up the little bit of a red nose I tend to get before it going brown.

2. Secondly, I will never pack my travel beauty bag without including a hydrating moisturiser. I use the Simple Skincare Hydrating Moisturiser as I find that by applying once in the morning and once before going to bed stops my skin from drying from all the UV Rays and humidity. They also have a protecting one, but I opt for hydrating as sun cream can dry my face a little too. They have a whole range of moisturisers which have different purposes so it depends what you want out of a moisturiser, but the hydrating is my number one.

3. When I’m away I keep make up to a minimal, but I always feel naked without a mascara. I don’t like to wear it during the day that much, but I like to make a bit of effort in the evening so that I don’t feel naked 24/7. I like to take Benefit They’re Real when travelling as it gives the volume and length I’m looking for without putting too much on. If I’m only wearing mascara in the evening I want to be wearing as little as possible with the biggest effect so this is the perfect option, and it’s effortless to take off before bed.

4. To glam up a little more in the evening, or if I’m venturing out shopping for the day I like to wear a little eyeshadow with my mascara. I always, always, pack my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette whenever I’m going away. I feel like the possibilities are endless with this palette as I’m able to create fairly natural looks and some smokey eye or more shimmery looks for the evenings. I love this palette so much and it’s perfect for what I want out of a travel essential.

5. When out in the sun for long days my hair can sometimes suffer and become dry and brittle. To help stop this happening I always make sure I have a strong supply of Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo with me to battle the heat and stop my hair getting frazzled from it. It works wonders on my hair and is a reason my hair is as healthy as it is now.

6. To use along side the shampoo, I also always travel with the Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner for the exact same reasons. The combination of both the shampoo and conditioner are perfect for preventing the effects of humidity, heat and swimming pools!

7. When in the sun all day tanning it’s quite easy for my skin feel a bit dry and damaged. To rehydrate my skin when travelling I will use Baby Oil when I get out the shower after a long day tanning. It makes my skin so soft and smooth, and prevents any burning that may have started, or prevents it from getting any worse. I am lucky that I never peel when I burn, it just turns brown after a day or two – I definitely think it’s all thanks to the baby oil.

There you have it, my top travel essentials. What are your top choices when going away? Let me know in the comments below, or on social medias linked in the menu bar.

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I am taking bb cream and also a hydrating face mask. And spf30 lip balm are some of my essentials. You can see the rest on my holiday essentials post over at

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