I love Halloween. I love dressing up and trying different things with my make up. I’d love to go to a really cool Halloween party one year and be able to go all out. This year will be slightly different as I won’t be able to make cocktails etc. I love seeing what other people like to dress up as. It’s not the same the older you get I think, no one I know really likes Halloween and dressing up as much as I do so I’d look a bit strange being the only one dressed up! Although, the fact it’s on a Saturday this year is a bonus!
Excitement level = 7/10
Connor’s 21st
My lovely boyfriend turns 21 this year! It’s so strange to think about though, as we’ve known each other since we were about 15 and in school. Now we’re adults, in a relationship and expecting our first child! It’s so exciting, I love planning what I’m going to get him and little touches I can add to make his birthday really special, especially his 21st. It’s going to be so nice to be able to do something this year too as I’ve either been unemployed or an apprentice and always poor on other birthdays, so I want to make this one even better than before. It will be a shame I won’t be able to drink on his 21st and celebrate it the way we envisioned, but it will still be super fun and really lovely.
Excitement level = 9/10
Sexing Scan
We booked an early sexing scan to find out the sex of the baby as we’re too impatient to wait for the 20 week scan at the hospital. I am so excited! It means we can start buying pink or blue, and just seeing our little ‘L’ on screen again will be so amazing!
Excitement level = 10/10
I’m am a huge huge lover of Christmas. Christmas food, Christmas music, buying presents, decorations, everything! I am so so excited for Christmas this year, as every year really. We always go to the Festival of Christmas that’s held in Portsmouth Dockyard as a family each year which really builds anticipation for Christmas. The smell of mulled wine and roasted meat baguettes in the air as you walk around town, and the smell of roasted chestnuts and mulled wine is the best candle I could ever imagine. I can’t wait! Bring it on.
Excitement level = 10/10
Firework Night
Firework Night is always a good’un in Portsmouth. There’s a few different firework displays to go to in Portsmouth; King George, Gunwharf Quays. It’s so nice to go to and watch the fireworks as I’m not a fan of doing them at home, I always get scared I’ll be hit by one! The only downside is people do try to let fireworks off at 2am or a week after Firework Night, it’s incredibly annoying, don’t be one of those people please.
Excitement level = 8/10

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