Buying maternity clothes is probably the one thing you don’t look forward to buying during pregnancy – I know I’ve hated it. For a start, it’s so hard to find anything nice and when you do it’s usually £40 for a top. Usually that’s fine, but when it’s a top you’re only going to be able to wear for two months it seems like there’s a lot better things to spend your money on. Well I’ve found some bargain pieces over the last month which are absolutely must-have when you get to that size that normal clothes is not an option.

New Look t-shirts are so comfortable and so easy to just shove on and with a pair of jeans, leather jacket and scarf you’re sorted. Mine is a simple piece that is so easy to style, and the difference between normal tops and maternity tops is crazy when it comes to how much more flattering they are. I managed to pick this up in the sale for about £3, but they’re so affordable at their normal price of around £7 you might as well pick up a few while you’re at it.

The next item you need is another top from New Look. It’s a brown long sleeve top that is more of a smart top so would be perfect for work, or even an evening out with your friends. It’s so easy to up-dress with a trench coat, or dress down with a leather jacket. I prefer the long sleeves for this time of year because it’s cold, and for £12 it’s a no brainer again.

Staying on the top bandwagon I have mentioned this blouse from H&M in a previous post, but I just love this top so much. It’s classy with the V neck and buttons up the front, which also makes it the perfect piece for work. The way it falls it so flattering because it’s fairly loose fitted, but without being oversized. It looks nice with a pair of jeans and trench coat, but would also look amazing with a pair of trousers for work too. It’s easy to accessorise with some simple jewellery or scarf.

Moving on to yet another piece from New Look, I have been obsessed with my black maternity jeans with the split in the knee. They’re just like every other pair of jeans, except it’s got the elasticated waist to accommodate my ever-growing bump which makes it a little more bearable and comfortable. I do wish I bought a size lower though because I have lost weight in pregnancy and now they won’t stop falling down! My mistake though.

Finally, something we don’t really like to talk about is the bra situation. Maternity bras are so uncomfortable, normal bras are so uncomfortable. Instead I’m using sports bras (TMI? I don’t care). They’re comfortable, certainly more than the other two options, and are so supportive. It feels like my boobs aren’t a worry as the weight of them isn’t an issue anymore. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without my sports bras. I tried a few before, but I’ve found the comfiest to be the Lonsdale ones, they’re also super affordable.

There you have it, my top selections for fashion pieces you need during pregnancy.

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