I’ve been discovering a lot of new blogs lately, and I’ve really fallen in love with some of them. I’ve never done a post dedicated to my favourite bloggers so I thought that’s what I’d do today. Here are my top five bloggers at the moment.


Chloe-Paige Fisher (@chloepaigee23)

I’m loving Chloe’s blog at the moment. Her fashion taste is unbelievable so I’m always reading her fashion posts when I get a spare five minutes! She is such a lovely girl, and so so pretty. Her writing style draws me in because it’s like she’s talking to me, especially with her minimalistic layout.


Charlie Friend (@charlielfriend)

Charlie’s lifestyle posts make me feel like I’m peeking into her diary a bit, and her clothing hauls make me need a shopping spree. She also has a YouTube channel which I’m obsessed with at the moment. I’m watching her videos when she uploads, as well as reading her posts. She seems so lovely, down to earth and it really feels like she’s loving what she’s doing at the moment!


Wing It With Jade (@JadeImogen94)

Jade writes about beauty and lifestyle things and I’m enjoying reading her posts at the moment. She’s a total babe and a true girl boss. I love her imagery used on her blog as it always looks so tied in with everything else. Again, she seems like she’s really enjoying blogging and it shows in her writing and I love that.


India Clifton (@IndiaClifton)

India & I speak a fair bit and she’s such a kind girl! I love her fashion sense and her posts are a must when she posts one. Her blog almost feels like a diary too to me and her layout and theme are impeccable. As a designer, her blog is so pleasing to the eye which makes me interested automatically! She is so stunning and looks amazing all the time.


Chapters Of Kat (@chaptersofkat)

I love Kat’s informative lifestyle posts and advice posts. Kat’s photography and the entire site is stunning. Her visual is one of my favourites I’ve come across. When reading her posts I feel like she’s talking to me personally and it’s like having a conversation through the screen! It makes me want to grab a cuppa, put my feet up and get stuck in for hours!

There you have it, my top 5 bloggers at the moment. I hope this helps you discover someone new, and let me know who your favourites are at the moment in the comments. You may introduce me to someone new which would be amazing!

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Aw this made me so happy!!! Youre so lovely!! Your blog is so wonderful too!!! Xxxxxxx


Sooo glad it made you happy! Thank you so much xxx


Awww love this ❤️️ Thank you so much!!
I absolutely love your blog and everything you write about! Keep being amazing girl xxxxx


I love discovering new blogs as well, so Thank you for leading to five new bloggers! Also enjoying your blog!



Some pretty good recommendations. Can’t wait to start reading.

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