I often get suck on what I want to write, especially as I plan my posts each month and list out what posts to do for what date. One of the biggest battles I find is making sure I don’t do the same post twice or put posts that are similar in content too near each other. I know many face the same problem, so to help out a little bit here’s 40 blog post ideas – of which some are able to be used in various ways!

1.   What are your top ten favourite things about a certain topic?
2.   Let others know your skincare routine for the current season.
3.   Was that popular beauty product worth the money?
4.   What are your favourite fashion pieces at the moment?
5.   Do you have any lifestyle tips, like how you organise your blogging space?
6.   Products haul from a shopping trip you recently went on.
7.   Favourite scent this season.
8.   Monthly favourites.
9.   Let your readers know makeup tips you swear by.
10.   Get a boyfriend / girlfriend / friend / family member do your makeup.
11.   Do a post about your favourite bloggers at the moment and talk about why you love them.
12.   What beauty products are you loving right now?
13.   Tips for teenagers just getting into makeup.
14.   List your A-Z favourites of a certain topic.
15.   Create a makeup look.
16.   Who are your celebrity style icons at the moment?
17.   Travel beauty essentials.
18.   How do you take care of your hair?
19.   What apps are you loving at the moment?
20.   What beauty products have you hated lately?
21.   What fashion trends are you not liking this season?
22.   Talk about your favourite things from when you was younger.
23.   What are your opinions on a popular topic at the moment?
24.   Where do you see yourself in a year or five years?
25.   Why did you start blogging?
26.   What beauty or skin care collection are you loving at the moment?
27.   Give advice to those just starting out in the blogging community.
28.   Answer FAQs from your readers.
29.   What books are you reading, or have you read lately? What did you think of them?
30.   Share some things that your readers may not know about you.
31.   Create a ‘part two’ to a previous post you’ve written.
32.   How do you stay inspired?
33.   What are your blogging goals?
34.   What looks did you love from a certain award ceremony?
35.   Write about a day out you recently had.
36.   Write about a restaurant you recently visited.
37.   Talk about something you feel strongly about.
38.   What are you happy about in life at the moment?
39.   What are your hopes and dreams?
40.   List some blog post ideas!

I hope this helps you get over writer’s block, and gives you a few ideas for upcoming blog posts. I love hearing what posts you’re loving at the moment, so keep letting me know what you want to read about and I’ll be sure to make a note of it!

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