It’s been a while since I’ve written about my thoughts on a product. I’ve been using Spectrum Collections brushes for almost two years and I’ve never written an in-depth post about them. Almost every day I see people on social media asking lots of questions about them. Are they worth the money? Are they actually any good? Should you believe the hype?

I discovered Spectrum Brushes almost a couple of years ago when I first started blogging – ever since their brushes have just boomed! At the time when I purchased my brushes I needed some eyeshadow brushes, so I purchased some from their original collection. Now I’m just putting this out there early, but they are very highly rated in my books. Since purchasing these brushes I haven’t really dabbled into any other brand for eye brushes. I use these alongside my Zoeva ones and it’s been that way since day one, I don’t see myself using any others anytime soon. They have been used almost every day since they arrived on my doorstep.

To go back to the question of “are they any good?”, the answer is yes – in case you hadn’t guessed. I mean they must be good if I’m using them every day. I do tend to spend a little longer blending with these brushes to my Zoeva ones, but I like to take my time anyway to make sure my blend is seamless so that’s not so much a downside to me. The final result with these brushes always look so gorgeous. I am obsessed with the fluffy brushes, I find they are really great for getting your crease perfect. The product doesn’t stick to the fibres of the brushes all that much so I don’t need to pack product onto the brush for the pay off to be great.


The thing that drew me towards these brushes in the first place was the design of the entire brand, not just the brushes. As a graphic designer, I do judge companies on their branding. That may sound awful, but it’s something I picked up along the way working in that industry. Their branding is so interesting, and their brushes and packaging are beyond gorgeous! I can’t really fault anything about the design of their whole aesthetic. The fact their brushes are so pretty it makes me want to take care of them even more so. Spectrum’s brushes are probably my favourite brushes to clean because they’re just so damn pretty!

Should you believe the hype? In case you’re not completely convinced that these brushes are living up to the hype as of yet, wait until you hear the price. These brushes are so affordable – I couldn’t believe the price when I first went onto their site. Their individual brushes start at £3.99 and their sets start at £29.99. For this price, and the quality, you can’t really go wrong with trying them out. I’d recommend them if you’re just starting to get into makeup and buying your first brushes because they’re so affordable. They’d make a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for any makeup lover.

It’s been so nice to see Spectrum Collections broaden over the last couple of years. It really does warm my heart when I see brands, and bloggers, I love doing really well. If you’d like to take a look at their brushes, sets, and accessories here’s where you can find them:


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