I think many women will relate to the fact that when pregnant you cry over stupid sh*t. Like, really stupid sh*t.

I didn’t think I was too bad during pregnancy with hormones, but it’s only been since not being pregnant I realised just how hormonal I actually was. I was so highly strung during pregnancy I’d cry at the drop of a penny. Since not being pregnant, and reflecting over my pregnancy journey by reading the posts I couldn’t help but laugh about all the stupid stuff I cried about. I thought I’d compile together all the things I cried about and we can all laugh at just how silly some of them are together.
One of the first things I remember crying about was the fact that I couldn’t eat a bacon & egg sandwich that Connor cooked for me. My morning sickness was so bad for the first half of pregnancy which caused me to lose weight, and lose my appetite a lot. I was put on anti sickness tablets, but they caused my appetite to go even more. I remember coming downstairs one Saturday morning extremely excited to eat my bacon & egg sandwich, then seeing it on the plate and just breaking down in tears. It wasn’t a simple whimper or moan, I was full on breaking down and inconsolable! I was distraught because there was nothing more I wanted than to eat this bloody sandwich!
I love a game of FIFA, who doesn’t right? Well, apparently I really wanted to play FIFA one evening, but Connor wanted to play Fallout 4. So as I turn on the Xbox and load up FIFA Connor decides to turn off the Xbox. I was not happy, so I just cried and felt extremely sorry for myself. I mean, losing at FIFA would be understandable, but not being able to play it is a little extreme to be crying over. Looking back now though, I do agree with Connor’s actions as Fallout 4 had literally been delivered that day.
Something else that makes me laugh when looking back on it is the time that I cried when I couldn’t be a pillow. I know right, you’re probably thinking “what the f*ck?”, but let me tell you the story… Connor was laid into me, giving my bump some cuddles and then he moved away and started using a pillow. When I asked why he moved away and he said the pillow was more comfortable I became offended, how ridiculous of me. I began crying because I couldn’t make Connor completely comfortable like a pillow can, which then lead me to crying because I realised I couldn’t just be a pillow and give Connor the comfortability he wanted.
These are the three things that I love looking back on and laughing at myself for crying over, so I’m going to leave it there. There was many other things too, but these are my favourite. I hope it’s made you laugh, and made you realise just how ridiculous hormones can make a person too! Let me know the silly things you’ve cried about in the comments!

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