It’s time to crack out the winter booties to conquer this harsh weather while still looking stylish. I have two pairs that I’m alternating between at the moment as I can’t decide which is my favourite out of them. I have a pair from Peacocks and a pair from New Look, and they both have their good points and bad points. I thought I’d share these with you to help you with any boot dilemmas you may have.
The first pair is the pair from Peacocks which are simply black leather with some gold buckle detailing. I’m not usually a big fan of the buckle detail on boots, but in the gold I think it looks really stylish with the leather. I like these boots as they’re a nice height heel meaning I’m able to walk around in them for a day and my feet feel fine. I find with some boots this can be a problem, but these are super comfortable. The leather makes these boots okay to wear with anything; jeans, leggings, dresses. The only downside to this is they can make me feet quite cold if I’m outside for a long period of time as there isn’t too much insulation. I also had to buy a size 6, despite being a size 5 due to them feeling far too tight around the bridge of my foot. Now, looking at the photo, I’m wondering if by loosening the buckle it’ll make it looser around that area. I’ll try it and let you know! Overall, they’re really comfortable and stylish, but they can be quite frosty and the sizing seems a little off.
The second pair is the New Look ones. They’re suede with a zip on the outside of the foot with some hassle detailing. These are really lovely boots, and I have worn them quite a lot already. I love the way suede looks, but unfortunately for this time of year suede seems to be an indoor only option as I don’t want the rain to ruin them. They’re really lovely fitting, a size 5 fit perfectly. The height of the heel is a strange one where I can’t tell if it is comfortable or not, it’s a bit in-between. If I walk too far then it can become a bit painful in my ankles, but that may be to do with me I’m unsure. The zip can also be a huge pain as it will fall as I’m walking meaning they’ll become loose until I do them back up again. I have to do this quite often which is a huge downfall for me as I adore these boots so much with everything I wear! Overall, they’re stylish, mildly comfortable, but the zip lets them down massively.
There’s my two boots that I’ve been loving so far this winter, and as much as they have their cons, their pros certainly outweigh them! I really love both pairs, and like I said in the beginning I can’t pick a favourite as they’re both so fashionable and my limits are endless when choosing what to style them with. 
Unfortunately I couldn’t find the Peacocks boots on their website so I’m unable to provide a link, but if you would like to view the New Look boots you can do so here.

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