So it’s a new year which means hearing about resolutions and how people are expecting to change overnight because of it. That’s not how I work and not how I see resolutions. People seem to think that having a New Years resolution of “No more chocolate” means quitting chocolate overnight, which we all know is an epic fail. It’s okay that you still eat chocolate on January 3rd, resolutions are to be accomplished across the year.

I enjoy setting goals as I like improving myself and pushing myself to become a better person. This includes different aspects of life; blog, personal, relationships etc. Here are a few of my goals for 2016…

Cut out fizzy & drink mainly water
I drink fizzy quite a lot, I won’t lie. I like a nice cold can of Coca Cola after a long day, and often find myself reaching for one when in need of a sugar rush. I have been drinking the Zero’s, but they’re not quite the same as a full fat Coca Cola. I realise this is really bad for me, and I am making it my aim to cut them out and to be drinking mainly water by the end of the year.

Complete 5 30 day challenges
That sounds like a lot considering the month of March won’t count due to being heavily pregnant, but I want to push myself to do it. I set 5 as the minimum as it allows me to spread these out across the months, or to do 2 at the same time if I want. I’m unsure what ones, but I have a feeling that crunches and squats will definitely be on the cards. This will also help me with my next goal…

Get down to my pre-pregnancy weight
I won’t disclose how much I weigh as a lot of my confidence anxiety stems from my weight and body image, but I am happy with what I have put on so far in pregnancy. I lost a bit of weight due to how severe my morning sickness was, but going by what I was the week I found out I was pregnant to what I am now I have only gained quarter of a stone! Once I have given birth I am going to start Slimming World, and I want to join the gym again when I feel ready to as well. By the end of the year I would like to be my pre-pregnancy weight, and lower! Ideally, I’d really love to be back to a size 10 by the end of the year, so once I have hit my pre-pregnancy weight that is my secondary goal within this goal.

Grow my blog audience
Last year saw my blog grow quite a lot, but this year I want to widen my audience which is why I often ask for feedback and what sort of posts people enjoy reading. My time will be taken up soon by a little baby, but I am still determined to get a blog post up every day and to keep improving my content, images etc.

Be happy
Overall this year, my main goal is to just be happy. Happiness makes everything better, so what better goal to set than to whack a smile on my face!? After all, a girl’s smile is her best accessory.

So there you have it, my 2016 bucket list. What goals have you set yourself for the year?

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