What I Watched (Favourite TV Show / Film I Watched)
This month saw the release of what was and will be my favourite film of recent years – Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I was so so excited when I received the text from Connor saying we’re seeing it. In preparation we watched the first six to get even more excited and recap Connor’s memory, then finally the day came and we went to go see it. I was so so happy with it! There was some unexpected turns for me, and I cried multiple times. (We’ll blame that on pregnancy hormones though). It’s the first film that’s come out in a few years where I’ve been so excited about a film I’ve come out of it and wanted to watch it again straight away. Go see it if you haven’t already!

What I Snapped (Favourite Photo)
My favourite photo this month is this one. I feel like it captures the essence of Christmas and I just really like the different colours in it.

Who I Love (Favourite Person)
It has to be my mum hands down this month. She made Christmas so special for all of us; me, my brother’s and Connor. The amount of effort made was unreal and I really enjoyed my Christmas so much. There was so many laughs and I am so grateful for everything that I received. Despite not being able to drink, I think I had just as much fun (maybe more) than if I had been drinking too. Thank you mum.

What I Wore (Favourite Item of Clothing)
My favourite thing I’ve worn all month is this dress in the photo. I love the way it fits, and it’s just amazing. I feel so comfortable and confident when wearing it – which is a rare way to feel in clothing these days! It’s not actually a maternity dress either, but I feel like it accentuates my bump quite nicely.

What I Did (Favourite Pass Time)
My favourite thing to do this month was spend money! What a bad addiction to have.. Luckily though I got the baby buying bug and bought so much new stuff for when our little girl arrives! I’m getting so excited and impatient now. The next 3 months need to hurry up! (There is a huge baby haul coming up tomorrow, so keep an eye out to see some of the bits I’ve bought).

What I Ate (Favourite Food)
My favourite food has been such a bizarre craving for me. I’ve always liked them, but not as much as I have done lately. Mushrooms. Right!? Never have I ever sat there and simply come out with “I could really do with a nice bowl of mushrooms right now” and put some breaded mushrooms in the oven, that was until this month. I have loved the things, and I can’t stop eating them. I feel like I’m going to turn into one if I eat any more.

What I Drank (Favourite Drink)
My favourite drink this month has been Bill’s Restaurant Pink Lemonade. I love this drink so much, it’s my favourite thing in the entire world. I wasn’t able to drink over the Christmas for obvious reasons, so my wonderful boyfriend decided to surprise me and as one of my Christmas presents he had 3 bottles of it delivered! I was so ecstatic when I opened the box and saw three beautiful bottles of pink lemonade sat there. Knowing they were all mine was an even nicer thought!

Where I Went (Favourite Place / Event / Location)
My favourite place this month has been by bed. I have been so tired and so restless at the moment that I’ve spent a lot of time in bed during the day because I’m so tired. It’s also absolute heaven with new pillows on! If any one has any tips on how I can get to sleep easier at night instead of laying wide awake until 6am then sleeping until 10:30am that would be greatly appreciated!

What I Heard (Favourite Song / Noise)
Again, with the new Star Wars film comes a new Star Wars introduction. My favourite sound this month has been the Star Wars theme. I cried when it started playing in the cinema because I was so overwhelmed! I’ll also include any Star Wars sound effects in this too as Battlefront has been played non stop in the build up to the film too!

What I Used (Favourite Thing I Used)
My favourite thing I used this month was my En Taupe eyeshadow palette which my wonderful boyfriend kindly bought for Christmas. He did bloody well, I can tell you that! I had been eyeing up this palette since I saw Chloe Morello use it in a video a couple of months back, but I’d always found some baby bits to buy instead. Luckily enough when I was going to buy it my laptop died so I didn’t bother again! I am in love with the palette and I can’t wait to do some make up looks with it.

Let me know what you guys have been loving in the comments below!

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