There is nothing I love more than going on a shopping spree. The feeling you get when you find the perfect dress or top is just SO good. Of course, I’m not talking about shopping for myself. That’s just stress city! I’m talking about clothes shopping for Lana. I recently took a trip to town and picked up a bunch of stuff for Lana’s 12-18 month wardrobe. She’s finally fitting in it despite it being her birthday 3 months ago! I love everything I picked up. So, I thought I’d share some of my favourite pieces in an updated clothing haul.

ablogbycharlie Tesco Clothing

These Tesco pieces are perfect for nursery. The dress is so nice for those days when it’s still sunny, but there’s a slight cloud and breeze. Long sleeves are great for keeping her arms out of the sun and getting burnt. I love simple t-shirts that are either dotty or stripes. There’s just something about a dotty top with black leggings on Lana that I love. It just looks so cute!

ablogbycharlie Next pineapple top

I fell in love with this Next pineapple top as soon as I saw it in store. It’s super summery. The pineapples remind me of cocktails, which then makes me think of Summer. Obviously, that’s probably not what they were going for with it being a children’s top, but y’know. I love the double layering, it just adds a little something else to it. Paired with a pair of light grey leggings, it looks so nice on too.

ablogbycharlie Very Summer dress

This Very dress isn’t something that I actually bought. One of my best friends bought it for Lana for her birthday, but it’s so nice I had to include it. Yellow is such a nice colour this time of year. It’s a midi length so most of her legs are covered from the sun. It gives it a bit of a vintage vibe too. The yellow of the dress also makes the blue in her eyes really stand out, I love it on her! (Thanks, Shan)

ablogbycharlie Primark jumpsuit

I’ve only ever bought one thing from Primark for Lana, and she never ended up wearing it. No drama, I just forgot I’d bought it. I got this for Lana simply for when we go swimming because it looks like it’s easy to get on and off. However, I really like it for when she’s playing in the garden or park too. Her legs will be covered and protected from the sun. I love the tie up straps so that I can adjust how tight or loose to put them as she grows.

ablogbycharlie Next jungle tops

 Lana’s wardrobe is such a contrast to mine. Hers is full of colour, and these are no exception. These safari themed tops from Next are so bright. They’re actually a three pack, but the other one is in the wash – oops. My favourite of the three is the orange one. The animals embroidered on the front remind me of children’s drawings which I loved. They kind of remind me of being on holiday for some reason, maybe it’s the colours.

ablogbycharlie Next zebra dress

Sticking with the jungle theme, this zebra patterned dress from Next is lovely. It’s such a simple design again, but it’s also quite different. I really love this design of the zebras being upside down to fit in with the shape of each other. I’m just really loving the jungle, safari theme for Summer. It kinda takes me back to Africa, which is a really loved memory.

ablogbycharlie Next flower shirt and flared jeans

I wanted to save my favourite bits until last. If you follow me on social medias then you’ll have seen one of these for sure. This embroidered floral shirt dress is so gorgeous I couldn’t resist! There was actually a similar one in Primark (I think) in adult sizes and I was so tempted to get it to match. This looks so nice on, it’s more of a dress length so can be worn on its own and with leggings or jeans. I did buy these jeans to go with the shirt, but I don’t think it’ll look right now. However, I’m still in love with them. Again, I want them in my size! I just need Lana to have a growth spurt so they’d fit in length. These are prime examples of why Next is my favourite place for children’s clothing.

There you have it, a few of my favourite pieces from Lana’s 12-18 months wardrobe. I’ll still end up buying more along the way, especially as the weather changes. I love doing these posts, so would you like to see more in the future? What are your favourite pieces from this one? I don’t know about you, but I have pure clothing envy of a 1-year-old…

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